Kao Pao Shu began in 2006 in Naida Begetaa��s hometown of Sarajevo and soon after relocated to the United States.

Kao Pao Shu is named after a 1960s Kung Fu films director-actress, who represents strength and longevity for women.A�

Today, Kao Pao Shu is an international brand devoted to nurturing its existing relationships while also building its customerA�base worldwide.

Kao Pao Shu is entirely manufactured in California.



The visionary and creator behind Kao Pao Shu is Naida Begeta, who is originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.A�

In addition to her intrinsic abilities, Naida obtained a degree in Product Design from the University of Sarajevoa��s Academy of Fine Art.A�

Naidaa��s creative process involves taking structural and unconventional design theory and applying it to fashion,

bringing youthfulA�rebellionA�and graceful elegance to her clothing and accessory lines.A�

Naida is involved in every piece of a collection, and her team is encouraged to be kind, innovative, and adventurous.



Kao Pao Shu designs are unique in concept, construction, and materials used.A�

The concept is based on sewing a continuous line to construct three-dimensional forms.A�

The base materials used include webbing and ribbons that are layered in a variety of combinations.A�

The final result is a statement piece that is unconventional, but also functional and stylish, as well as durable and timeless.A�

Kao Pao Shu builds a bridge between contemporary and design, while also blurring the line between refined and relaxed.A�

Kao Pao Shu converts the casual bag carrier into a believer that a bag should do more than just hold stuff;A�a bag can reflect personality,

attest to values, and give insight into onea��s identity.